Picture 10

It isn’t my real name, but one I’ve always answered to. To be honest, I can’t truthfully say I remember the first time I was called it-it, like myself, has simply always been there. Few things in life are as constant as the names we are given or choose to assume. Like the trading cards of our youth, relationships and jobs come and go-so to do the rest of the myriad things and ways we trivialize our time with. Our worries today will be tomorrow’s accomplishments-the very chair I find myself in presently will one day be reduced to nothingness.


One constant that has remained in my life however, has been the desire to travel. I have been fortunate enough to traverse the world and experience a portion of the many things gifted to us by this planetary wonder called Earth. I’ve crossed the Avenue of the Dead to stand atop the Pyramid of the Moon and felt the Empire’s blistering sun beat down upon my back as I made my way across it’s Great Wall-and yet I still feel as though I’ve just taken my first steps outside the backyard. Pablo Picasso once said “Action is the foundational key to all success”, and act I intend to do. I am Niko and this is my journey.



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